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Sail-World Cruising


“...the biggest advantage is its ultra-light weight (unparalleled!) and super small storage size. This results in extremely easy set-up and storage..."
Sail-World Cruising, Aug 2023
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“Its low weight has the advantage that the EZRAFT can be effortlessly lifted into the water with one hand over the railing".
Boote, July 2023
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"Now, with the arrival of EZRAFT the inflatable boat has been reinvented".
Zeilen nr. 8, Aug 2023
EZraft: Toy of the month article in Motorboat and Yachting

Motorboat & Yachting 


“Its construction means strength, safety and durability are assured while the patented three-tube design requires no heavy structural parts. Even the paddles are telescopic."
Motorboat & Yachting, Oct 2023
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“When it comes to weight and pack size, the others don't even come close. So, if space on board is very limited or the yacht is very weight-sensitive, the EZRAFT is the only option”.
Yacht, June 2023
EZraft in Vela article.png



"Furthermore, EZRAFTs have strong external sewn connections, and therefore much more resistant than those glued or welded as on traditional inflatable boats."
VELA, Oct 2023


What our clients say

"It perfectly fits our cupboard on board our classical yacht. I am happy it has such a small package size. You guys did the homework..."

Stefan from Germany

"The dog today jumped in the raft from the boat all by himself. Using the dinghy was quite easy - inflating and deflating, too.


Generally it’s good, all in all. A great benefit is that it’s light."

Janis from Latvia

"I can drop off my entire crew of six on shore with my EZRAFT 310. It is such a pleasure to use it daily for my charter business"

Peter from Greece

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