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  • How do you sit in the EZRAFT, with that middle tube?
    Sitting on the EZRAFT is a bit like sitting on a soft curbside, so with your feet slightly lower than your body. Quite comfortable actually. Many people sit on one side of their inflatable anyway, with their feet on the other side. Yet, our middle tube has many advantages; When boarding from a dock or deck you don't have to step so deep, no need to plunge down. Moreover you are less likely to get wet feet, since you are always above the waterline. The dinghy can never fill up with rain or spray water, since it is self-draining along / underneath the middle tube. The middle tube also provides extra buoyancy; a large load capacity, and an extra safety compartment No floorboards make the dinghy much lighter (half the usual weight!), more compact to store, and easier to set up (no loose parts). And finally; it is great laying on it, sunbathing! :-)
  • What material is the EZRAFT made of?
    The EZRAFT is mostly made from Dacron, the same super-strong "parachute" material of which surfkites are made - which bump on rocks and beaches and waves with massive forces all over the world. That also makes our inflatable much smaller to fold, and its sewn connections much stronger than the typical welded or glued connections of traditional PVC (rubber)boats. The outershell of the EZRAFT can therefore be fixed just like a garment, and its simple straight innertubes can easily be replaced or fixed like a bicycle tire. Moreover the boat has seatbelt bumpers all around, with a rope underneath for extra protection. It has successfully passed years of field testing and is used by many boaters worldwide on a daily basis.
  • Is the EZRAFT certified?
    Yes, inflatables over 2.5 meter need to be CE-certified in the European Union. We also comply with US regulations enforced by the US Coast Guard.
  • Do you offer any warranty?
    We offer a 1 year warranty on production errors; We will repair or replace defective products or parts without charge (excluding shipping costs). But don’t worry, those are rare. Of course some cases are not covered, like damage from accidents, tampering, (ab)use, chemicals, commercial exploitation, theft, zombies, World War III... Water activities are hazardous by their very nature, so by using our boats you take on terrible risks. But rest assured it is our aim to keep having happy users.
  • What outboard engine do you recommend?
    We recommend using an outboard motor of maximum 4 horsepower or 3kW, up to 20 kg | 44 lbs. Any of these engines will do.
  • How do you row an EZRAFT?
    Just extend the telescopic oar, no need to lock-rotate its parts (or just mildly). Reversely just push the oar back in and wrap any of the available straps around it (looped, Velcro or elastic). You can also detach the oars and use them as paddles.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    Since our boats are so light and small to store, they are easy to ship. So in most cases we will be able to ship to you.
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