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Boat Capacity

Capacity: 2 adults + 2 children
Weight capacity: 400 kg
Speed: up to 8 km/hour


Length: 2.48 m

Width: 1.42 m

Height: 0.42 m

Draft including engines: 0.15 m

Deflated and folded:

Length: 0.95 m

Width: 0.71 m

Height: 0.22 m

Sailing Trip


Weight boat: 9 kg
Weight engine system: 6 kg
Weight paddles: 1.2 kg


Running full speed: > 1hour

Capacity: 1 Kwh

Voltage: 50.4V

Battery type: Li-ion

Weight: 8 kg

Charging time 20% -80% < 3 hours

Charging voltage: 110V - 220V AC

Battery Bag.jpg
Jet under water.jpg

Electric Engine System

Horsepower: 3 HP equivalent
Power output: 2 x 550 Kw
Propulsion type: double waterjets
Engine setup: integrated in boat on each side
Control Box: with Bluetooth and OTA updates
Filter system: Removable stainless steel filters
Engine mount: Removable engine mount system
Upgradable: Up to 6 engines (coming soon)

Electric airpump

Inflating time: < 5 minutes
Total setup time: < 5 minutes
Capacity: up to 1000 L/min
Operating voltage: 12V DC and 220V AC
Valve type: Halkey Roberts



Paddle type: telescopic
Paddle material: aluminum / plastic
Oar lock system: integrated and quick launch
Length extended: 1.80 m
Length contracted: 0.75 m
Paddle weight (2 pcs): 1.2 kg

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